The Kingsdown Pocket Coil Support System is the heart of every mattress. It’s what keeps your body properly supported. The patented Motion Separation System offers multiple zones with different levels of support to ensure body alignment.


Each made with a unique blend of specialty foams and fibers, provide comfort and breathability, ensuring that you fall asleep and stay asleep.


By using only the best quality foams, fibres, and high coil count support systems, you can rest assured that you’re sleeping on a product built to last.

Silk & Wool Hollo Fibre allows increased airflow and less compaction of the fibres to provide a cooler, restful sleep.

Micro Gel high desnity quilting foam helps diddipate heat away from the body.

Latex naturally conforms to body contours for optimal orthopedic support.

Racetrack Convoluted Foam provides increased edge strength and support.

Micro Coil conforms to the body to eliminate pressure points.

Patented Motion Separation Foam isolates partner's movement to provide the best in undisturbed sleep.

Posturized Centre Support provides increased support and proper alignment of your spine.

Airflow Surround Foam encasement for increased sleeping surface, a strong sitting edge and enhanced cooling.

Bonus! This mattress can be used with an Adjustable Motion Base.